It is kind of strange to write about myself, but i’ll give it a go. Simply put I am chill and love to laugh.

I grew up on a humble farm in Saskatchewan where I learned to love the big open landscapes and apprecaiate beauty in its natural form. During university I was the guy who always had the camera and took pictures of everything. One day my friend had asked me to capture her wedding and the rest is history.

That was 10 years ago. Today, I have captured over 200 weddings and countless beautiful memories and moments. I still love exploring new places,motorcycles,ocean and my cozy city of Victoria.


There’s nothing more incredible than finding the one person you can’t live without; This world is a big place and you two found each other, and that’s beautiful. I want to photograph your love in its truest form whether that’s ontop of a mountain or in your own home. I want to capture your love and collect them into photos that tell a story, so that when your old and grey it will spark a memory of where it all began.


My approach to capturing your moments is simple, Trust. It is my belief that it is the key to capturing moments that aren’t staged or posed. We build trust simply from getting to know each other  in person, over coffee, or over the phone/skype.  I have learned over years that the more you feel comfortable with me the more you are able to engage with each other. I tell people all the time at the begining of sessions that it will feel a little strange but, I promise by the end it will feel like were just friends on an adventure.

Speaking of adventure, trusting me and allowing me the time and space to focus on all the moments,movements and details is important. Prepare yourself to hike,run,play,laugh and be a part of making a new adventure!

Some of the places I’ve been humbly featured